Welcome to #Mp3Addicts

Welcome to #Mp3Addicts @ EFnet, where we pride ourselves in being the Friendliest Mp3 Channel.

What is #Mp3Addicts – #Mp3Addicts is an IRC Chat Room on the EFnet IRC Network that is devoted to the preservation of music files in the MP3 Format. It’s a place where you can obtain your favorite music in a format suitable for digital applications, provided that you already have a legal right to this music. We do not support the violation of Copyright Laws, and it is the responsibility of anyone obtaining music in and on the channel to ensure they have a legal right to do so. It is also a venue through which aspiring artists may publish their own music. Music which has passed into the public domain may also be freely shared.

How does it Work – Basically, there are three types of users in a channel. Operators, Servers, and Clients.

An Operator manages the channel, controlling who has access to it, as well as administrative functions including limiting the maximum number of users to the channel, the channel title, messages of the day, etc. They are responsible for enforcing the channel rules.

A Server is a Client that is sharing their MP3 files. A Server may use IRC Clients to automate the process by which they share the files and/or other information. This method utilizes a List, which Clients may use to select the content they would like to download.

A Client is someone who uses the Servers to acquire the content they are wanting. While Operators may also be Servers and/or Clients, not all Clients or Servers are Operators.

Please make sure to review the Channel Rules (!rules). If you’re interested in being a Server, you may also want to review our Serving Rules (!serving) and review some of the Tutorials that have been prepared.